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ICC at the 23rd International Book Fair in Krakow

The 23rd International Book Fair in Krakow will take place on October 24-27th. On this occasion, the ICC prepared several Central European news and numerous book promotions. We invite you to stand B69 to the Dunaj hall in the EXPO Kraków Trade Fair and Congress Center at ul. Galicyjska 9.
26.10.2019, godz. 16:00

With the mini-book on the way - our educational workshops at the Book Fair in Krakow

From November 21, 2019, a new exhibition entitled Fotoblok. Central Europe in photo books. Inspired by its idea, we already invite book lovers aged 5-11 to creative workshops during the International Book Fair in Krakow.
27.10.2019, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

An hour-long sunday class aimed at kids aged 4-6 and held at the ICC.
05.11.2019, godz. 18:00

Will Bolesław Prus's novel The Doll enter world literature?

We invite you to meeting with an outstanding translator of Polish literature, the author of the translation of the Bolesław Prus The Doll into Japanese, a longtime friend of the ICC - prof. Tokimasa Sekiguchi from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS).
08.11.2019, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The meetings investigate the contexts of the current exhibition: the historical and cultural backgrounds, references to works by other artists, art techniques, epochs or developments. Admission is free.
10.11.2019, godz. 14:00

The first ICC art project for parents with children in Ukrainian and Russian language

MINI meetings with art have been organized in the ICC for almost 10 years, during which, in a pleasant, family atmosphere, we activate sensitivity and passion in children, and bring the most important art related concepts. From October this year, we also invite parents and guardians with Ukrainian and Russian-speaking children to the workshops.
12.11.2019, godz. 18:00

My life with Bulgakov - meeting with Marietta Czudakowa

Do we know everything about the author of "The Master and Margarita"? Are there any white spots in his biography, and if so, what do they relate to and what is their reason? The ICC, the Center for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding and the Sedno Publishing House invite you to a meeting with Marietta Czudakowa, an outstanding Russian literary scholar, literary critic and writer, the author of the biography of Mikhail Bułhakov, which has just been published in Polish. The event's partner is city of Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature.
16.11.2019, godz. 11:00

12 walks for 12 months

Throughout the year, once a month, we invite you for a thematic walk, covering various aspects of the cultural heritage of Krakow and Lesser Poland. We will follow the treasure trail from our publication Thousand Treasures of Krakow.
17.11.2019, godz. 12:30

Art and reading classes

Join us for art and reading classes at the ICC! Children are invited to get to know different stories and take part in art workshops.

Poland see more. Half-price weekend in the ICC

Polish Action Poland see more. Half price weekend is a nationwide campaign of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Tourist Organization directed for tourists and the tourist industry. Thanks to it, every Pole can discover the beauty of our country at favorable prices. This year, our institution is once again taking part in this campaign.
02.12.2019, godz. 12:00

sMoCzKi – guided tours for parents with children

The "sMoCzKi" cycle has been specially created to address the needs of the youngest visitors (not older than three years) as well as their caretakers to the ICC Gallery.
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