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Director – Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik (sekretariat[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Deputy Director for Programme Policy – Łukasz Galusek (sekretariat[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Deputy Director for Organisational Affairs – Piotr Bąk (sekretariat[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Chief Accountant – Agnieszka Antos (sekretariat[at]mck.krakow.pl)

Exhibition Department

Anna Śliwa (head, a.sliwa[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Karolina Wójcik (deputy head, k.wojcik[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Agnieszka Adamczak (a.adamczak[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dorota Kosiec (d.kosiec[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dr Monika Rydiger (m.rydiger[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Natalia Żak (n.zak[at]mck.krakow.pl)

The department develops the exhibition programme of the ICC Gallery and organises exhibitions, coordinating all related activities around them. Our projects include a diversity of exhibitions: solo shows, overviews, thematic exhibitions, with particular emphasis on international art. The centre is responsible for developing promotional content and organising events accompanying the exhibitions: lectures, seminars, discussions, meetings with artists, and film screenings. Among our numerous initiatives are also workshops for children and adolescents, as well as a series of meetings "Mature for Art" addressed to the senior audience.

ICC Publishing House

Marzena Daszewska (head, m.daszewska[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Paulina Orłowska-Bańdo (deputy head, p.orlowska[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Paulina Roszak-Niemirska (p.roszak-niemirska[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Bartosz Sadulski (b.sadulski[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Anna Sawłowicz (a.sawlowicz[at]mck.krakow.pl)

The publishing house prepares publications in line with the mission of the ICC, as well as being the result of the research, exhibition and educational programmes carried out by the Centre. The publishing house is also responsible for publishing the quarterly "Herito. Heritage, culture, the present” (www.herito.pl). The ICC publishing house also sells books in Poland and abroad. Our books are available at the bookstore at the ICC Gallery and at the online bookstore.

The Research Institute of European Heritage and The ICC Science Library

Prof. Dr. Jacek Purchla (head, j.purchla[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dr. Beata Nykiel (deputy head, b.nykiel[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Anna Kępińska (a.kepinska[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dr. Żanna Komar (z.komar[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Jacek Maj (j.maj[at]mck.krakow.pl)

The ICC Science Library

Magdalena Spyrka (deputy head, m.spyrka[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Mateusz Lepucki (m.lepucki[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Anna Sołtysiewicz (a.soltysiewicz[at]mck.krakow.pl)

The Institute realises the ICC research mission, initiates research on cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on the heritage of Central Europe, issues of cultural policy in Europe, as well as the issues of culture and its impact on regional development. It acts as a partner in international research projects – in recent years these are the projects ILUCIDARE - International Network for Leveraging Successful Cultural Heritage-Led Innovations and Diplomacy through Capacity Building and Awareness Raising and HOMEE - Heritage Opportunities / Threats within Mega-Events in Europe Changing Environments, New Challenges and Possible Solutions for Preservation in Mega-Events Embedded in Heritage-Rich European Cities. The Institute also organises specialised, interdisciplinary international conferences and seminars, the subject of which oscillates around issues related to the broadly understood cultural heritage. The research mission of the Institute is also carried out through its own project of the Internet encyclopaedia "Polish St. Petersburg" and cooperation with foreign partners and specialists, including membership in cultural networks and international organisations. Finally, the ICC Library, which has the status of a scientific library, collects Polish and international publications on cultural heritage and the new philosophy of its management. The available resources of the Library and the book catalogue can be viewed here.

Educational Department - The Academy of Heritage

Dr Michał Wiśniewski (head, m.wisniewski[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Agata Klejzerowicz (a.klejzerowicz[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Wiktoria Marchewczyk (w.marchewczyk[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Angelika Radoń (a.radon[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Zofia Rokitka (z.rokitka[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Barbara Szyper (b.szyper[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Marek Świdrak (m.swidrak[at]mck.krakow.pl)

Education Department The Academy of Heritage organises educational sessions in the form of seminars, lectures, and workshops on topics related to the protection of cultural heritage through the proper management of its resources. In 2001, interdisciplinary postgraduate studies at the Academy of Heritage were inaugurated, aimed at promoting a new philosophy of protecting cultural heritage. Starting from 2010, the Centre also manages the Thesaurus Poloniae scholarship programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, supporting researchers of Polish culture and multicultural heritage of Central Europe from around the world. The Education Department also participates in the work of the ENCATC network (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres) for projects related to the development of cultural policy and culture management.

The Communication Department

Dr Paulina Małochleb (head, p.malochleb[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Joanna Biegacz (j.biegacz[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dr Jan Burnatowski (j.burnatowski[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Magdalena Grabias (m.grabias[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Oliwia Kaczmarzewska (o.kaczmarzewska[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dorota Korohoda (d.korohoda[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Łukasz Pieróg (l.pierog[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Aleksandra Rak (a.rak[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Agnieszka Sachar (a.sachar[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Klaudia Słupek (k.slupek[at]mck.krakow.pl)


The main tasks of the Department include the coordination of promotional and communication activities of the International Cultural Centre, as well as the promotion of individual events organised by the ICC.


Organizational Bureau

Ewa Czarnecka (Director's plenipotentiary for development, manager, e.czarnecka[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Ryszard Błachut (r.blachut[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Joanna Hojda-Pepaś (deputy head, j.pepas[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Anna Jakubiak (a.jakubiak[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Anna Koncewicz (a.koncewicz[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Daniel Krawczyk (d.krawczyk[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Joanna Malina (j.malina[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Joanna Podkowa (j.podkowa[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Andrzej Zabłocki (a.zablocki[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Adriana Żołnierczyk (a.zolnierczyk[at]mck.krakow.pl)

Office for Administrative Affairs

Sylwia Żmuda-Żelazny (kierowniczka, s.zmuda[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Marek Gabryś (m.gabrys[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Elżbieta Hajdas (e.hajdas[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Robert Karwowski (r.karwowski[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Roman Kawalec (r.kawalec[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Antoni Michalik (a.michalik[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Janusz Ogonowski (koordynator ds. Zespołu Konferencyjnego, j.ogonowski[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Ewa Bryła (e.bryla[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Dr Mariusz Soczówka (m.soczowka[at]mck.krakow.pl)

Office for Finance and Accountancy

Marzena Krawczyk (head, ma.krawczyk[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Iwona Chabros-Cybula (i.chabros-cybula[at]mck.krakow.pl)
Barbara Cudzich (b.cudzich[at]mck.krakow.pl)

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