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A view from above - workshops participants.

The ICC at the Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art

The International Cultural Center was one of the institutions that presented themselves as part of the Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art. The Triennial, the fruit of many years of efforts by the Olomouc Art Museum, was part of the Central European Forum Olomouc (SEFO) program and complemented the range of activities dedicated to the region.
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ECHOCAST Poland Programme

ECHOCAST (European Cultural Heritage Organizations Customer Awareness Staff Training) is a training program and training resources developed as a result of an international project (2003–2006) organised with the participation of cultural institutions and universities from several European countries.

"The Heritage of the Borderlands" - Polish-Japanese seminar

Every two years, the International Cultural Centre in Krakow together with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and ICC Foudation organizes a semiar presenting the history and culture of Poland and Central Europe.
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OWHC Young Professionals Forum 2019

ArtCoMe. Art and Contemporary Me.
Artwork as a medium building European identity

How have the views of the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians developed and changed over the last ten years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire? What shape did they take in the first years of the existence of the newly created nation states? What was the role of art in these historic events? Those are some of the topics addressed in the course of this project.
A group of participants posing for a joint photo.

World Heritage Young Professionals Forum 2017. Memory: Lost and Recovered Heritage

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Polish‑Russian dialogue at the ICC

Lectures as part of the "Polish-Russian Dialogue" cycle at the International Cultural Center were organized with inspiration and in cooperation with the "Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding Center" in Warsaw and were part of the tradition of debates about the culture of European countries taking place in the "Under the Ravens" Hall.
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