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About the ICC Library

The ICC Library is a specialist research repository which is part of the Research Institute of European Heritage at the International Cultural Centre in Kraków.

Its collections are made available exclusively in the Roland Berger Reading Room equipped with 12 multimedia workstations.

The ICC Library collects Polish and international academic publications from a variety of fields, including cultural heritage and a new philosophy of its management – particularly history and cultural studies, Central European identity, art and architecture, urban planning, management of historic cities, monument protection and preservation, economic dimension of cultural heritage, ethnography, historical regions of Europe, national minorities, as well as intercultural dialogue. An important part of the Library’s holdings comprises the so-called “galiciana” (items concerned with the region of Galicia), 18th- and 19th-century prints, cartographic collections, including rare editions of several hundred Nazi German topographic maps of Poland.

History of the International Cultural Centre Library

2001 The ICC Library is given its new seat on the 3rd floor of the newly renovated front building of the Ravens House

1 February 2002 Official opening of the ICC Library

9 April 2002, September The process of cataloguing the Library's stock begins within the framework of the VTLS/VIRTUA (MARC format) cataloguing system; the ICC Library begins its co-operation with the NUKAT National Universal Central Catalogue

2003 The ICC Library becomes a member of the national consortium “Cooperation agreement between the libraries implementing and using the VTLS system, 2002”

2009 The 2nd stage of the ICC upgrading project (financed by the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Goethe Institut Krakau, as part of the “Counterparts” programme) is completed; the ICC Library moves to the 3rd floor of the Ravens House’s annexe building where a new bigger space has been created for the Library and the Roland Berger Room equipped with 12 multimedia workstations and located in a bay window over the new patio with a view on exhibition and conference area

The ICC Library Advisory Board is established

1 September 2015 The ICC Library digital catalogue (using Chamo Discovery software) is launched

28 October 2016 The ICC Library is granted the official status of research library (Decree of 19 October 2016 [JL 28.10.2016, Art. 1775] by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage)

1 June 2017 The ICC Library joins the VIRTUA integrated library management system

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