A post-graduate studies

A post-graduate studies

The post-graduate studies Academy of Heritage were established in 2001 by the International Cultural Centre and University of Economics in Krakow.


Lectures and seminars cover economic, legal, social and political aspects considered a basis of modern heritage preservation philosophy. The students are trained in modern heritage preservation and management methods. The curriculum also consists of field workshops at historic landmarks and monuments as well as field studies of management of cultural institutions. The final circuit seminar will test the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of studies. The subjects of lectures are as follows:
  • Culture and heritage;
  • Legal and economic aspects of heritage management;
  • Culture industries, marketing and cultural heritage promotion;
  • Institution management, accounting and finance;
  • Local administration, public administration, spatial planning;
  • Seminars.
The target group of the study course includes cultural institutions staff, cultural tourism organisers, heritage preservation service staff, teachers, museum staff, as well as investor and owners of historic buildings and places. The Academy of Heritage endows the individuals with background in the humanities with basic knowledge and essential skills in the field of management and marketing of cultural heritage sites and objects. On the other hand, economists, engineers or investors are provided with a unique opportunity to learn about the wide range of our heritage.

The academic staff of the Academy of Heritage comprises outstanding specialists, authors of numerous publications on cultural heritage protection and the revitalisation of historical complexes, as well as directors, curators and conservators of historical complexes and museum collection. Among our staff members one finds such eminent figures as Professor Jerzy Hausner, Professor Bogusław Szmygin, Professor Stanisław Waltoś, Professor Andrzej Rottermund, Paweł Jaskanis and Professor Wojciech Bałus.

How to apply

The application package needs to include: a CV, a motivation letter, a copy of the IC, a copy of a diploma and 3 photos.

Further details: sekretariat@mck.krakow.pl 

The Academy of Heritage Open Lectures

In October 2011 the Academy of Heritage saw the inauguration of a new series of meetings aimed at the general public. The open lectures of the Academy of Heritage hope to popularise the study course and its programme as well as to share the work and achievements of its Polish and international partners with the general public.

The Heritage Academy Alumni Association (in Polish SAAD – Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów Akademii Dziedzictwa) was founded in 2006 in Krakow by an interdisciplinary group of alumni of postgraduate heritage management studies convinced of the need to continue searching for ideas and solutions to problems connected with broadly understood monument, heritage and landscape protection and management through discussion, research and practical actions following post-graduate studies at the Academy of Heritage
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