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An exhibition with class! Gallery lessons for school groups

The International Cultural Centre invites pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school students to special gallery lessons. We adjust all classes to the needs of particular age groups and the teacher's suggestions. We conduct lessons in Polish, English, and Ukrainian.

"Use heritage"! Lessons on cultural heritage online

We invite primary and secondary school teachers to enroll their classes for free online cultural heritage lessons. Meetings with ICC educators are a way to better learn about issues related to material and non-material heritage, multiculturalism, civil society and practical knowledge of how to wisely use cultural resources online. All you need is Internet access and a projector or a large screen so that the whole class can take part in the lesson without leaving the school building.

Topics of educational walks

"Use heritage"! Lessons on cultural heritage online in Ukrainian language

Запрошуємо вчителів початкових та середніх шкіл записувати свої класи на безкоштовні уроки онлайн на тему культурної спадщини - українською мовою. Зустрічі з едукаторами МЦК у затишній атмосфері власного дому дає можливість заглибитись у тему нематеріальної і матеріальної культурної спадщини, а також дізнатися більше про історію Кракова. Достатньо лише доступ до мережі.

"Use heritage"! Lessons about cultural heritage for school groups

We invite primary and secondary school students for lessons on cultural heritage. The classes provide participants with practical knowledge on how to use heritage. In addition to a solid dose of knowledge, they also develop key skills and competences: learning, taking initiatives, entrepreneurship, and cultural awareness and expression.
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