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A fragment of the ICC gallery
A list of exhibitions 1991–2024


Reclaimed objects: Bogusław Bachorczyk 8.03-14.04.2023


Poster against the war 25.08-14.09.2023
Lithuania. Two Centuries of Photography 16.06-29.10.2023

Travelling Images. Małgorzata Mirga-Tas 2.12.2022-19.03.2023
Art in uniform. The War Graves Department in Krakow 1915-1918
In Ukraine. Justyna Mielnikiewicz
Homing. Włodzimierz Puchalski
Unwanted capital. Architecture and urban planning in Krakow during the German occupation of 1939–1945
Poles of inaccessibility 25.02.2022-27.03.2022


Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood

More than Bauhaus. German photography between the wars and Polish parallels 08.05.2021-01.08.2021

Café "As". The Survival of Simon Wiesenthal 02.02.2021-19.03.2021

Printmaking as a Pair. Jadwiga Kaim-Otręba and Ryszard Otręba  02.02.2021-19.03.2021


Plants and animals. Atlases of natural history in the age of Linnaeus 19.05. 2020–18.10.2020
Boris Bućan. Posters 02.07.2020–16.08.2020


Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks 22.11.2019–01.03.2020
The Dark East
Skopje. City, Architecture and Art of Solidarity 10.07–20.10.2019
The Treasures of Kraków 01.06–30.08.2019
Years of Disarray. Art of the Avant-Garde in Central Europe 1908-1928 08.03–09.06.2019


Architecture of independence in Central Europe 09.11–10.01.2019
Deborah Cornell. Eclipse and
Deluge 06.07–05.08.2018
Istanbul. Two worlds, one city  09.05–02.09.2018


Lviv, 24th June 1937. City, architecture, modernism  01.12.2017–08.04.2018
Adriatic epopee. Ivan Meštrović 25.07–05.11.2017
Balkan Playground. Michał Korta 25.10–03.12.2017
Zsolnay. Hungarian Art Nouveau 19.04–02.07.2017
The logic of the local. Norwegian and Polish contemporary design 17.12.2016–26.03.2017


Košice Modernism 16.09–27.11.2016
Max Ernst. An Ornithologist's dreams 30.05–28.08.2016
Tempus Fugit. On time and transience 02.03–08.05.2016
Maidan Through the Lens of Jakub Szymczuk 24.02–03.04.2016
Ukraine. Waiting for a hero. Kostyrko, Ravski 24.02–03.04.2016


The Armenian Cathedral and Its Creators 26.11–31.01.2016
M.K. Čiurlionis. Lithuanian Tale 
Graphic exhibitions in the ICC: International Print Triennial 
MAKOM. Dani Karavan. The Essence of Place 
Traces of People. Cristiano Mascaro / Sławomir Rumiak
Galician Thanatos. War cemeteries in Western Galicia in the years 1914–1918


The Myth of Galicia  10.10–8.05.2015
Masters of Dreams. Symbolism in the Bohemian Lands 1880–1914 


Memory. Registers and Territories  13.12.2013–06.04.2014
Tara (von Neudorf). Cartographer of sinister history  04.09–24.11.2013
Giorgio De Chirico: sketches and drawings for Gabriele d’Annunzio “Joria’s Daughter”  16.10–10.11.2013
A woman's work is never done  26.04–11.08.2013
Andy Warhol. Contexts  11.12.2012–10.02.2013


Joanna Piech. Prints. Grand Prix MTG – Kraków 2009  13.09–18.11.2011
Witold Skulicz. Graphic Art Above All…  13.09–18.11.2011
VIRIBUS UNITIS? Polish parliamentarians in the Habsburg Monarchy 1848–1918  14.09–18.11.2012
GDR. Stories from a vanished country  22.06–2.09.2012
Fidelity of images. René Magritte and photography  18.04–10.06.2012
Contemporary Norwegian Architecture 2005–2010 14.02–1.04.2012


Hunting down Modernism. The Prohibited Arts in the Third Reich  19.10–29.01.2012
Happening Against Communism by the Orange Alternative  19.06–02.10.2011
Us and Them. An intricate history of otherness 16.03–5.06.2011
Management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland and Norway 13–29.04.2011
Transmigrations. Mysłowski. Puntos  21.01–6.03.2011


Ihor Krut. Presence 6.11.2010–9.01.2011
British Bohemia. The Bloomsbury Circle of Virginia Woolf
Andreas Feininger. New York in the Forties  3.07–29.08.2010
The Sounds of Two Songs  7.05–27.06.2010
House of an Art Lover. Arts in Bohemia and Moravia 1870–1930  2.02–25.04.2010


Interior Views Photographic Explorations of the European Parliament  27.11.2009–17.01.2010
Konrad Srzednicki. The Poet of Graphic Art  12.09–15.11.2009
Ingrid Ledent. The continuous Living of Memory  17.09–15.11.2009
Alfred Hałasa. Posters  17.07–6.09.2009
Bauhaus twenty-21. An Ongoing Legacy  8.05–5.07.2009
Guilt and the Punishment  13.02–19.04.2009


Pino Fedeli. Painting  27.11.2008–27.01.2009
In the Shadows of the Imagination. The Art of Alfred Kubin  28.10.2008–27.01.2009
Contemporary Belgian Art. Between Constructivism and Figuration  21.05–28.09.2008
River Within the City  3–15.03.2008


Save from Oblivion  29.11.2007–3.03.2008
The World before the Catastrophe. Krakow's Jews Between the Wars  26.06–11.11.2007
Jože Plečnik (1872–1957) – Architect and Visionary  12.12.2006–25.02.2007


CO2. Brussles to Infinity  24.10–26.11.2006
Davida Kidd. Between the Sublime and Subliminal  15.09–15.10.2006
Mieczysław Wejman. The cyclist  12.09–29.10.2006
Rembrandt and his Competitors  25.05–27.08.2006
Faces of America. Portraits from the Collection of the Terra Foundation for American Art 1770–1940  16.02–7.05.2006


The Borderlands Rediscovered. The Common Heritage of Poland and Ukraine  9.12.2005–29.01.2006
„Signs of the Time” – The Collection of the Małopolska Foundation for a Contemporary Art Museum  20.10– 7.11.2005
The Exhibition of Art by the Disabled – Winners of the Fourth National Competition for Manual Therapy Workshops  3.09–9.10.2005
Frans Masereel – Discovering the Master  17.05–21.08.2005
Nuremberg Through the Lens of Lala Aufsberg (1907–1976)  6.12.2004–30.01.2005


Contemporary Slovak Art 1960–2000  11.10–28.11.2004
Man in the Middle. Works from the Deutsche Bank Collection  9.06–19.09.2004
The Seven Deadly Sins  5.04–30.05.2004
Max Weiler (1910–2001). Painting  5.02–28.03.2004
Igor Mitoraj. Sculptures and Drawings  16.10.2003–25.01.2004


Włodzimierz Kunz. Graphic Œuvre  12.09–31.10.2003
Karl Duldig (1902–1986). Sculptures and drawnings  22.05–13.07.2003
Masters of light. California Impressionism (1890–1930)  5.02–4.05.2003


Grafica opera prima  6.12.2002–5.01.2003
Lvov Postcards 1873–1945 from Marek Sosenko's Collection  28.10–1.12.2002
James Ensor (1860–1945). Prints and Paintings  12.06–25.08.2002
Martin Dülfer (1859–1942). The Precursor of the German Sezession  9.04–26.05.2002
Like a Phoenix out of the Ashes... Jan Zachwatowicz 1900–1983  1–31.03.2002
Andrzej Nowacki. Through the Square  25.01–24.02.2002


Erich Mendelsohn. Dynamics and Function  30.11.2001–15.01.2002
Neo Rauch. Paintings from the Collection of the Deutsche Bank  2.10–18.11.2001
Hogarth and His Century  27.04–24.06.2001
Between Tradition and Experiment. Czech Art 1939–1989  8.03–14.04.2001


Paula Modersohn-Becker and the Worpswede Artists. Drawnings and Prints 1895–1906  14.12.2000–28.01.2011
Otto Wagner. Vienna - Architecture Around 1900  20.10–3.12.2000
Mersad Berber - Grand Prix MTG '97  7.09–8.10.2000
Power of Imagination. Brussles and Symbolism  9.06–23.07.2000
Made in Hungary. Hungarian Photographers 1919–1956  25.04–8.05.2000
Jagiellonian University in Documents (14th – 20th century)  3–24.04.2000


The Culture of the Abbey of St. Gall  19.11.1999–9.01.2000
Baillie Scott. The Artistic house  17.09–31.10.1999
Rembrandt, Rubens and Others  7.06–25.07.1999
Jan Lebenstein. Phases  13.04–23.05.1999
SPISZ • SPIŠ • ZIPS • SZEPES  01–02.1999
Romuald Loegler. Dialog with the Time and Place  19.01–7.02.1999


Margaret Hunter. Tangents  19.10–22.11.1998
Krzysztof Penderecki „The Black Mask”. Contemporary Dance of Death  19 09–10.10.1998
Emil Nolde. Watercolours and Prints  1.06–31.07.1998
Poland and Hungary... A triple Dialogue  7.04–17.05.1998
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908–1992). Graphic Works  22.01–22.03.1998


The Architecture of Lvov in the 19th Century (1772–1918)  14.11.1997–14.01.1998
Surrealist Marcel Mariën  5.09–26.10.1997
Toshihiro Hamano. The Man and Art  20.06–31.07.1997
Masterpieces of Graphic Art from the Collection of the Polish Academy of Science Library  11.04–1.06.1997
Henryk Morel. Sculpture, Drawnings, Spatial Composition  7.03–4.04.1997
Radio and the Mass Culture  14.02–2.03.1997
The Heart of the Matter.The Paintings of Kazimierz Głaz  15.01–9.02.1997


Egon Schiele  11.12.1996–30.01.1997
In the Face of Thanatos  12.11 – 12.12.1996
Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Life and Work  18.09–31.10.1996
5 Years of the International Cultural Centre in Krakow  26.05–30.06.1996
Józef Czapski. Pictures and Drawnings from Private Collections  4.04–13.05.1996
Art Nouveau in the Central Europe  30.03–9.06.1996
Hungarian Artists. Imre Bukta, Károly Halász  19.01–17.03.1996


Beksiński. Paintings  26.10–30.12.1995
Francesco Bartolozzi. Engravings from the Collection of Polish Academy of Sciences Library in Krakow  14.09–19.10.1995
The Poetry of Architecture. The Early Work of Dušan Jurkovič  8.06–20.07.1995
Europa Nostra Photo Award Exhibition  12–31.05.1995
Artist and his Patron  14.03–30.04.1995
Piotr Sonnewend. Recollection of Form  9.01–20.02.1995


Oskar Kokoschka. The Early Years  6.10–4.12.1994
Günter Dollhopf  10.09–1.10.1994
Hugo Häring and the Present Time 13.06–11.07.1994
Urszula Teresy Gogulskiej-Seger. Painting 16.05–6 06.1994
Margot Gentner-Trierweiler. Painting  18.04–10.05.1994
Lvov National Exhibition 1894  15.03–4.04.1994
The Heritage of Eastern Borderlands  10.02–3.03.1994


Within the Circle of Historicism  3.11–9.12.1993
Zbigniew Dłubak. Against the Stereotypes  24.06–20.07.1993
Otto Dix. The Early Years  30.04–10.06.1993
Ingrid von Kruse. Europa beim Wort genommen  6.04–25.04.1993
Adalbert Stifter. A frightfully Beautiful World  28.01–28.02.1993


Natalia LL  9.12.1992–8.01.1993
Dennis Chamberlin - Among you Poles  15.08–5.09.1992
Gustav Klimt. Pictures and Drawnings (European Cultural Month)  9.06–12.07.1992
Alfons Mucha (European Cultural Month) 23.06–10.07.1992
Tadeusz Brzozowski. Pictures and Drawnings (European Cultural Month)  06.1992
Gerhard Gepp. Poetic Satire  6.04–27.04.1992
George Grosz's Graphic Art (European Cultural Month)  24.04–9.08.1992
Andrzej Dudziński. Inbetween – American Years (European Cultural Month) 2–20.03.1992
The Graphic Art of German Expressionism  31.01–29.02.199
Konrad Adenauer - German and European  14.01–25.02.1992


Contemporary Artists fo Umbria  17.10–31.10.1991
May you Live in Interesting Times  26.09–15.10.1991
The Graphic Art of George Baselitz  5–20.06.1991
Jan Vermeer. „Święta Prakseda”   05–09.1991

Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/gallery-i-ukraine-a-different-angle-on-neighbourhood-i): 17.09.2021-16.01.2022

More than Bauhaus. German photography between the wars and Polish parallels (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/more-than-bauhaus-german-photography-between-the-wars-and-polish-parallels): 08.05.2021-01.08.2021

Café "As". The Survival of Simon Wiesenthal (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/cafe-as-the-survival-of-simon-wiesenthal): 02.02.2021-19.03.2021

Printmaking as a Pair. Jadwiga Kaim-Otręba and Ryszard Otręba (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/printmaking-as-a-pair-jadwiga-kaim-otreba-and-ryszard-otreba): 02.02.2021-19.03.2021

Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/gallery-i-ukraine-a-different-angle-on-neighbourhood-i): 17.09.2021-16.01.2022

More than Bauhaus. German photography between the wars and Polish parallels (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/more-than-bauhaus-german-photography-between-the-wars-and-polish-parallels): 08.05.2021-01.08.2021

Café "As". The Survival of Simon Wiesenthal (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/cafe-as-the-survival-of-simon-wiesenthal): 02.02.2021-19.03.2021

Printmaking as a Pair. Jadwiga Kaim-Otręba and Ryszard Otręba (https://mck.krakow.pl/exhibitions/printmaking-as-a-pair-jadwiga-kaim-otreba-and-ryszard-otreba): 02.02.2021-19.03.2021

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