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01.10.2020, godz. 19:00

The past has a future - Magdalena Rigamonti talks with Prof. Jacek Purchla

The International Cultural Center invites you to another meeting as part of the Catch the Distance cycle. Magdalena Rigamonti will talk with prof. Jacek Purchla about his latest book entitled The past has a future. 
01.10.2020, godz. 13:00

The art quarter – Plants and Animals exhibition

Every Thursday at 13.00 we invite you again to the ICC Gallery for 15-minute meetings during which we talk about one of the threads of the current exhibition Plants and animals.

04.10.2020, godz. 12:30

How to make a bookmark? - Online art workshops for children

At the exhibition Plants and animals. Atlases of natural history in the age of Linnaeus, we can admire graphics showing various species of flowers and animals. Each of us sometimes observes representatives of fauna and flora in their natural environment with greater or lesser commitment. Atlases help us in this: larger and heavier ones, often in hard covers we browse at home, the smaller, pocket ones are useful during field observations. Thanks to such observation of nature, we have favorite animals or plants.
09.10.2020, godz. 11:00

Themersons, Syrkuses, Hansens ... Duets of the Polish artistic scene of the 20th century.

Jadwiga Kaim-Otręba and Ryszard Otręba are a couple of outstanding graphic designers, partners in their artistic and personal life. The sculptor Jan Kucz, writing a dedication for them in one of his books, noted: "Beautiful people, beautiful life, beautiful art". However, the common biography of the Otręba family is a source of knowledge not only about the crystallization of their concept of art and their relationship, but also a window to the world of Polish artistic life in the second half of the 20th century.
13.11.2020, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The Mature for Art cycle is an offer for those who have a free morning and want to broaden their knowledge of culture and art. 
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