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24.05.2022, godz. 18:30

The Wawel Castle in the shadow of the swastika. Debate

On May 24, the ICC will host a debate on the history of the Wawel Hill during World War II. Debate participants: Professor Andrzej Betlej, Professor Jacek Purchla, and Dr. Michał Wiśniewski. Moderator: Dr. Monika Rydiger.
28.05.2022, godz. 11:00

The Occupied Wawel Castle: New Architecture and Function

As early as October 1939, Germans renamed Wawel Castle to Krakauer Burg. The former seat of Polish kings became the residence of Governor-General Hans Frank and the place where his numerous administration worked and lived. What was the purpose of each of the Wawel buildings? How were existing facilities upgraded to accommodate new functions? What important events shaped the lives of the castle's new residents and who played a significant role in protecting the historic fabric of the Wawel Hill?

29.05.2022, godz. 12:30

MINImeetings with art

"MINI meetings with art" are activities organized in the historic spaces of the ICC. A series of creative and full of ideas Sunday art workshops for children aged four to ten. The art workshops focus on one concept characteristic of the current exhibition - searching for meanings for it and creating an object associated with them.
29.05.2022, godz. 10:00

Accessible Sunday

We invite you on 29 May to another "Accessible Sunday" at the International Cultural Centre. We will tell and show how the urban planning and architecture of Krakow changed during World War II and which places got their present appearance as a result of German transformations.
31.05.2022, godz. 18:00

Café ADRIA. About the sea and Central Europe

The Adriatic Sea is more than a sea that binds coasts and peoples together. It is also a space where political influences clashed, where history was formed, and the imperial ambitions of various Central European countries were manifested. The International Cultural Centre would like to invite you to a cruise on the Adriatic Sea and a journey from its shores into the interior. Our map for this journey comes with the book “Adriatic” by Egidio Ivetic, and the guides will be Robert Makłowicz and Łukasz Galusek.

01.06.2022, godz. 19:00

Ask Nastia - Krakow know how

Informal meetings with Anastasiia Podorozhnia, an ICC co-worker, over coffee or tea. Nastia is a Ukrainian from Kiev who has been living in Krakow for over 8 years. The meetings have an open character. We invite people who are trying to find themselves in a new reality and are looking for answers to questions related to life in Krakow to participate.
04.06.2022, godz. 11:00

City – Camp – City. KL Plaszow Memorial Site

The phrase "town – camp – town", when referring to the KL Plaszow Memorial Site, can be understood in many different ways. The first natural association is the perception of Plaszow Concentration Camp itself as a spatial structure of a camp-city. Around mid-1944, the camp housed 20,000 prisoners at a time, and there were more than 200 buildings of various types on an area of 31 square miles. Like the city, the camp was divided into "districts" – the area for prisoners with living quarters, kitchens, food storage, a hospital, and a roll-call square; the industrial area with workshops and production barracks; and the staff area with officers' houses, commandant's quarters, and barracks.
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