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26.11.2022, godz. 12:00

Міська прогулянка

Прогулянки містом українською мовою
26.11.2022, godz. 10:00

Моменти радості. Дитячі майстер-класи

Заняття для дітей у віці 4-10 років з елементами арт-терапії та антистресу. Щоразу ми граємо в нові активні ігри та створюємо художні роботи.
27.11.2022, godz. 15:00

Weekend guided tours

28.11.2022, godz. 11:00

Not only Ringstrasse. Vienna architecture at the turn of the 19th century

30.11.2022, godz. 18:00

Title: Modernist Lviv. Meeting with Jakub Lewicki

Professor Jakub Lewicki has been researching the history of Lviv architecture and its architectural community for many years. After a monumental study of the architecture of the city in the times of Galician autonomy, this time the readers are offered an extensive volume documenting the history of Lviv architecture in the interwar period. The author describes the stylistic and typological changes that took place in Lviv during two intensive decades and presents the history of the local designer community.

05.12.2022, godz. 18:00

Meeting: „The past and the future of cities”

08.12.2022, godz. 18:00

Meeting: “Roma culture in Central Europe”

In the latest “HERITO”, we look at the history of the Roma, but above all at their present, and especially at how “Romaness” in its broadest sense manifests itself in the architecture, culture and art of our part of the world.
18.12.2022, godz. 12:30

MINImeetings with art

"MINI meetings with art" are activities organized in the historic spaces of the ICC. A series of creative and full of ideas Sunday art workshops for children aged four to ten. The art workshops focus on one concept characteristic of the current exhibition - searching for meanings for it and creating an object associated with them.
18.12.2022, godz. 10:00

Words and Brushes

Words and brushes. We learn from each other. Educational programme for Ukrainian and Russian speaking children

Workshops are designed for children ages 6 to 12. 

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