Seminar –  The Heritage of the Borderlands

Seminar – The Heritage of the Borderlands

Every two years, the ICC, together with the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the ICC Foundation, organizes a seminar on the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the phenomenon of multiculturalism in Central Europe. The initiative is addressed to Polish culture researchers from Japan who will learn about our country's heritage, culture and history in the form of study visits. 

The borderland heritage is the first program in Poland implemented in cooperation with the University of Tokyo. So far, the following editions have taken place to introduce the heritage of the following States and regions: 
  • 2008 - south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine
  • 2010 - Lithuania
  • 2012 - Belarus
  • 2014 - countries of the Visegrad Group
  • 2016 - Silesia
  • 2018 - border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia 
The study trip planned for August 2020 will be devoted to the cultural heritage of Pomerania.
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