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The activity of the International Cultural Centre focuses on a multidimensional approach to cultural heritage. Our interests focus on: the cumulative legacy of the European civilisation, Central Europe’s multiculturalism, memory and identity, dialogue between cultures and societies, preservation of historic sites and artefacts, cultural policies, the phenomenon of a historical city, and also the origins and development of modern art.


The logo of the ICC was created at the end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993 following an appointment by a closed competition entered by five renown graphic designers from Krakow who had already been working with the new institution. The author of the winning design was Monika Pietsch, a graduate from Krakow’s Academy of Fine Arts. The jury chaired by Prof. Piotr Krakowski selected Pietsch’s entry praising its formal qualities, simplicity, clarity of shape and composition as well as semantic charge.


Director – Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik (sekretariat[at] Deputy Director for Programme Policy – Łukasz Galusek (sekretariat[at] Deputy Director for Organisational Affairs – Piotr Bąk (sekretariat[at] Director's Plenipotentiary – Ryszard Błachut (sekretariat[at] Chief Accountant – Maria Biel (sekretariat[at]

Programme Council

Prof. Dr Andrzej Chwalba Dr. Antoni Bartosz Sabra Daici Prof. dr. Jerzy Hausner Paweł Jaskanis....
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