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In the heart of Krakow — podcasts
The Main Square is the heart of Poland’s former capital city. It is where „The Ravens House” is located, which houses the International Cultural Centre. Its windows offer a view of medieval Europe’s largest market square, which for centuries has worked as a crossing point of trade routes, a venue for exchange of goods and ideas, a place of meeting of representatives of various religious denominations, cultures, and nationalities. Since its foundation in 1257 the Main Square has been a living document of the history of the Polish state, Krakow and its citizens, their culture and customs. In the heart of Krakow is a series of podcasts that works as an invitation to get to know these histories.

When walking in the Main Square and visiting its townhouses we can discover succeeding layers of Krakow’s history and legends related to this place, learn about the people who once lived in or visited the city, and about the history of its art and culture. This way Krakow’s cultural heritage takes us on a journey across past epochs and historic locations. It also works as a mirror through which the picture of Krakow can be compared with the history of many other Central European cities.

The series was developed as a response to the Be a tourist in your city initiative of the Mayor of Krakow,
prof. Jacek Majchrowski. Its main goal is to bring back the life to the historic centre as well as to encourage Krakow’s citizens to get to know this part of the city which has seemed for years only a tourist attraction but now requires a new definition.

All podcasts are in Polish.

Each recording lasts approximately 15 minutes.
Starring: Łukasz Galusek, Angelika Madura, Jacek Purchla, Helena Postawka-Lech and Michał Wiśniewski Production: Free Range Productions Logo Free Range Productions
MCK Krakow, 2020

All podcasts as part of the In the Heart of Krakow series are available at:

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The Main Square in Krakow from a bird s eye view

A Market like no other!

A symbol of prosperity, a scene of great historic events, an agora and forum regale , and finally an aristocratic salon. But above all the heart of the city and its window to the world...
Sculpture by Igor Mitoraj in the Market Square in Krakow

Lajkonik and Eros Bound

Why is Lajkonik jumping around the Main Square? Are Krakow pigeons actually enchanted knights of Prince Henry Probus? The Main Square is a scene of numerous legends and a stage for several monuments.
St. Wojciech in the Market Square in Krakow

St. Adalbert, Veitt Stoss and the trumpet call

What is St. Adalbert’s church doing in the Market Square? How many times an hour can we hear the trumpet call? Why did Veit Stoss leave Nuremberg? For many centuries the Market Square has been the centre of the city’s religious life...
Cloth Hall in Krakow

The Cloth Hall — the core of the city

Every city has its temple of trade. The same applies to the city where trade routes cross, making it a regional commercial centre. This role in Krakow was played by the Cloth Hall, built in the very centre of the Market, where merchants could amaze their customers with the most luxurious goods...
Czynciel House

Czynciel House — Wyspiański takes a look

For many years the townhouse located near the former St. Mary’s cemetery - until the late 18 th   century a burial ground for many generations of Krakow’s citizens - was known under the name Barszczowe. This was not a reference to one of Poland’s favourite soups, but to the name of Józef Bartsch...
Grey House

Grey House —raisins with almonds

Was the Grey House named Grey after its colour? When did elevators appear in Krakow? Where did 19th-century ladies buy tea and raisins?
Hetman House

Hetman House — the house of kings

Why does the king need a palace in the city? How did a mediocre painter contribute to the maintenance of the building? What did Krakow, Prague and Zagreb have in common?
The Jabłonowski-Potocki House

The Jabłonowski-Potocki House — aristocrats and their pets

The Zbaraski, Jabłonowski and Potocki Palace. All these are the names of one tenement house located at the corner of the Market Square and Bracka Street. Like the names and owners, its function has changed over the centuries as well...
The Ravens House

"The Ravens House" — the city’s first salon

In the 19th century, the Main Square became the city's cultural salon. This role for the tenement house at number 25 was assigned almost two hundred years ago by Anna Potocka-Wąsowicz née Tyszkiewicz, a relative of King Stanisław August Poniatowski...
The Rams Palace

"The Rams" Palace — more than a cabaret

Today, almost everyone who hears the name of this tenement house thinks about the cabaret located there and Piotr Skrzynecki. However, the history of the "Pod Baranami" Palace is not only the famous Piwnica - a cultural center after the turn of 1956...
The Spiski Palace

The Spiski Palace — Twardowski in the Tatras

The tenement house, situated between Szewska and Szczepańska Streets, owes its name to Sebastian Lubomirski, the starost of Spiš, and is a testimony to the great role Spiš and contacts with Hungary played in the development of Krakow...
Krzysztofory Palace

"Krzysztofory" Palace — treasures of the devil Boruta

At the beginning of the 20th century, for a short time Szczepański Square became a place that competed with the Market Square. Between these two city squares there is the "Krzysztofory" Palace...
Feniks House

"Feniks" House — cabaret and the communist glamour

The youngest tenement house at the Market Square is located at the corner of the Market Square and Św. Jana Street. It was built on the site of three medieval tenement houses which were demolished just before the outbreak of World War I...
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