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iSTER Series

İSTER is an old name of the Danube, a river flowing across Europe and into its depth. It is also a series of books about the place where we live: about the things sealed in the past, yet, in many ways, still very much present and alive. The series was launched for authors and readers who seek to penetrate and understand it. The series editors are Łukasz Galusek, Paulina Małochleb, and Bartosz Sadulski.

Cover of Natalia Starchenko's book.

Natalia Starchenko - The Ukrainian Worlds of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Written based on court records, the history at the brink of 16th and 17th century on Rus’. Colorful and lively story about neighborly quarrels, mogul’s conflicts, royal blackmails, and privileges of nobility. Even though the author focused only on one century, she takes a closer look from a modern perspective, filtering events through the prism of contemporary issues and values.  
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