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ILUCIDARE Inspiration Kit

Are you interested in what innovation can bring to the field of heritage? Are you curious to find new opportunities to make the impact of heritage on our communities even larger? Or maybe you simply want to find out how others try to be creative and innovative when working with culture? We have a way to facilitate your start with heritage-led innovation and international relations. Go through the ILUCIDARE Inspiration Kit and you will learn about projects that work with cultural heritage in order to solve challenges modern societies face.

Every innovation starts with a problem to be solved, a void to be filled, a challenge to be faced. What if cultural heritage could be a solution? The ILUCIDARE Inspiration Kit starts with nine questions (problems / challenges) that heritage-related innovative projects answer:


  • How to create opportunities to hear "silent voices"?
  • How to embrace a transnational approach to the past?
  • How can cultural heritage be activated in the times of crisis?
  • How to empower heritage institutions to engage in discussing challenging themes?
  • How to introduce a participatory, inclusive collaboration into cultural heritage projects?
  • How to use digitised heritage to engage?
  • How to monetise heritage assets?
  • How to discuss heritage in an entertaining way?
  • How to use heritage to support education?


Each of them is then illustrated with case studies of projects that found a way to deal with a given problem. Presentations of the projects include short descriptions of their content, comments and opinions by their creators and users, videos, podcasts and a list of resources for further knowledge on the initiatives. The Kit relates directly to the Innovation Handbook by presenting a concise version of the theoretical framework for innovation developed by the ILUCIDARE project.

Download a pdf version of the Inspiration Kit or use the online interactive one to get inspired by our selection of heritage projects! It is a starting point for heritage-led innovation and international relations experience, an introduction to the topic, and a pool of ideas to inspire further actions!

Read the pdf version of the Kit

Use the interactive online version of the Kit 

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