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Poster for the exhibition.
“Poster against the war” exhibition

Opening dates: August 24 to September 14

Venue: ICC medieval cellars


The exhibition is an expression of protest against the Russian attack on Ukraine, as well as proof of the resolute attitude of artists from around the world who speak out against the on-going armed conflict.


The show features 50 posters by authors from Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, Armenia, Austria, Great Britain, France, and Japan. Among them are works by already recognised artists, but also by young ones, distinguished by their artistic maturity.


Anti-war posters not only condemn aggression, but also raise painful social issues, reflect the complex interactions between humans and the world, and are also evidence of Ukrainian patriotism.


After February 24, 2022, the subject of the exhibition has become one of the most important issues of the world today. The “Poster against the war” exhibition is also a poignant addition to the exhibition “Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood”, on show at the ICC at the turn of 2021 and 2022. Organised in cooperation with the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev (NAMU), the Krakow exhibition closed and was shipped back to Kiev a few weeks before the Russian invasion. In Autumn 2022 the ICC opened also an exhibition of photographs by Justyna Mielnikiewicz. The artist documents the everyday life in Ukraine, affected by war, and the consequences of military operations. Her works concentrate on the human fate, presenting changes that the war brought about and actions taken to save the community.

Honorary Patronage: Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow


Olha Lukovska and Wojciech Pukocz

We encourage you to listen to the podcasts from the series “To Ukraine in 20 minutes”, prepared by the ICC in connection with the exhibition Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood”.

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Guided tours of the exhibition

To Ukraine in 20 minutes - podcasts

We invite you to a joint journey through Ukraine. This joint Polish-Ukrainian analysis of cultural and historical narratives referred to as "Ukrainian myths" encourages reflection on the closeness of Ukraine and Poland, their history and the present in the perspective of their neighborhood, and today's communication possibilities.
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