Polish‑Russian dialogue at the ICC

Polish‑Russian dialogue at the ICC

Launched in 2012 together with the Centre for Polish‑Russian Dialogue and Understanding in Warsaw, this series of lectures is delivered by both Russian and Polish speakers. The aim is to familiarise the Polish pub‑ lic with key issues and trends in contemporary Russian culture, espe‑ cially in arts, media, literature and film. History and cultural heritage are also a prominent part of the dialogue. The lectures are now firmly embedded in the tradition of debates over the culture of European coun‑ tries, organised by the ICC. In Russian and Polish.

Selected lectures can be viewed on our YouTube channel

Our guests lecturers:

  • Jerzy Bahr
  • Marietta Czudakowa
  • Aleksandr Gawriłow
  • Hieronim Grala
  • Wiktor Jerofieje
  • Olga Irisov
  • Dariusz Konstantynów
  • Aleksandr Lipato
  • Konstanty Usenk
  • Walerij Paniuszki
  • Peter Pomerantse
  • Irina Prochorow
  • Oleg Sokołow.

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