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23.02.2020, godz. 12:30

Art and reading classes

Join us for art and reading classes at the ICC! Children are invited to get to know different stories and take part in art workshops.
23.02.2020, godz. 12:00

Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks - Sunday tours

Every Sunday we invite you to a guided tour of the exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks with a guide in Polish.
27.02.2020, godz. 13:00

The art quarter

Every Thursday and Friday at 13.00 we invite you to the ICC Gallery for 15-minute meetings during which we talk about one of the threads of the exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks. Admission included in the price of the exhibition ticket.

The art quarters are held in Polish. 

27.02.2020, godz. 18:00

Lecture by Agata Pankiewicz and Marcin Przybyłko

During the next meeting accompanying the exhibition. Photobloc. Central Europe in photobooks we will consider how to find a form for what is exotic, strange, different, elusive or absent. Agata Pankiewicz and Marcin Przybyłko, authors of such photobooks as Hawaikum, will share their reflections related to the creation of photographic essays. In search of the essence of beauty (2015), Smart Object. Involuntary perversions of things (2017) and Uncomfortable (2019).
01.03.2020, godz. 10:00

Finissage of the exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks

We invite you to the finissage of the exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks - the first such comprehensive presentation devoted to the phenomenon of photobooks from this part of the continent. The exhibition gained considerable recognition of viewers visiting the ICC Gallery as well as critics. She was awarded by Radio Krakow "brand for the month" of December.
01.03.2020, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

Join us for Sunday art workshops filled with creativity and new ideas. Inspired by the diversity of exhibitions at the ICC Gallery. This series of meetings is addressed to children between 4 and 8 y.o. During each art workshop we concentrate on a selected notion developed in presently held exhibition – we search for its meanings and create an object related to it.
08.03.2020, godz. 14:30

The first ICC art project for parents with children in Ukrainian and Russian language

МІНІарт-майстерня – це заняття для «міні-відвідувачів» нашого Центру у віці 4 – 8 років. Під час кожного заняття ми створюємо цікаву художню роботу (яку, звісно, можна забрати додому) та знайомимося зі словами зі світу архітектури, мистецтва, дизайну та поточної виставки, що проходить у Галереї МЦК. У теплій, сімейній атмосфері діти діти вчаться по-своєму відчувати і розуміти мистецтво.
12.03.2020, godz. 18:00

Central Europe revisited - meeting with Emil Brix

Why should the future of our continent depend on Central Europe today? We invite you to a meeting with Emil Brix, Austrian diplomat and historian, co-author of the book Central Europe revisited prepared by the ICC Publishing House. The meeting will be led by prof. Jacek Purchla. The event's partner is the Austrian Cultural Forum.
13.03.2020, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The meetings investigate the contexts of the current exhibition: the historical and cultural backgrounds, references to works by other artists, art techniques, epochs or developments. Admission is free.
06.04.2020, godz. 12:00

sMoCzKi – guided tours for parents with children

The "sMoCzKi" cycle has been specially created to address the needs of the youngest visitors (not older than three years) as well as their caretakers to the ICC Gallery.
04.05.2020, godz. 11:00

sMoCzKi – guided tours for Ukrainian and Russian speaking parents with children

The "sMoCzKi" cycle has been specially created to address the needs of the youngest visitors (not older than three years) as well as their caretakers who speaks Ukrainian or Russian language, to the ICC Gallery.
15.05.2020, godz. 18:00

Workshop for children

Our offer includes also events related to annual holidays that are important to children. We always remember about the Children’s Day and St. Nicholas Day.
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