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12.12.2019, godz. 13:00

The art quarter

Every Thursday and Friday at 13.00 we invite you to the ICC Gallery for 15-minute meetings during which we talk about one of the threads of the exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks. Admission included in the price of the exhibition ticket.

The art quarters are held in Polish. 

13.12.2019, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The meetings investigate the contexts of the current exhibition: the historical and cultural backgrounds, references to works by other artists, art techniques, epochs or developments. Admission is free.
14.12.2019, godz. 11:00

Resurrectionist Seminary in Krakow - a city walk

The Higher Theological Seminary of the Congregation of Resurrectionists in Krakow is an icon of Polish postmodernism. We invite you for the last city walk this year, during which we will take a closer look at this extraordinary architectural assumption in Krakow's Ruczaj.
14.12.2019, godz. 11:00

12 walks for 12 months

Throughout the year, once a month, we invite you for a thematic walk, covering various aspects of the cultural heritage of Krakow and Lesser Poland. We will follow the treasure trail from our publication Thousand Treasures of Krakow.
15.12.2019, godz. 16:00

Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks - Sunday tours

Every Sunday we invite you to a guided tour of the exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks with a guide in Polish.
15.12.2019, godz. 12:30

Art and reading classes

Join us for art and reading classes at the ICC! Children are invited to get to know different stories and take part in art workshops.
22.12.2019, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

Join us for Sunday art workshops filled with creativity and new ideas. Inspired by the diversity of exhibitions at the ICC Gallery. This series of meetings is addressed to children between 4 and 8 y.o. During each art workshop we concentrate on a selected notion developed in presently held exhibition – we search for its meanings and create an object related to it.
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