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River action in the ICC

We invite you to the series of debates about Vistula and Oder Rivers. The identity of these most important rivers in Poland, their condition, water level, biodiversity, legal protection, and the cultures that developed around them, will be discussed by experts and enthusiasts.


- on October 17, at 6 pm: Bartosz Sadulski, secretary of “Herito” quarterly magazine,talks with Prof. Andrzej Chwalba, author of the groundbreaking and daring book “Wisła. Biografia rzeki”;

- on October 19, at 6 pm: Prof. Beata Halicka and Prof. Andrzej Woźnica discuss the Oder River. Guests will talk about their studies of river's multi-faceted phenomenon. The meeting coincides with the release of the 50th issue of the “Herito”;

- on November 8, at 6 pm: Zbigniew Rokita, author of a new book “Odrzania,” participates in a discussion with Łukasz Galusek, they will talk through life on Poland's western frontier, nature, culture, history, and social issues.

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Meeting: “Vistula. The River Biography”

In the era when rivers get legal subjectivity, it is about time to show history from their point of view. The Vistula is becoming that narration axis in Prof. Andrzej Chwalba's book “Wisła. Biografia rzeki.”  
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Meeting: “Oder. The winding question”

From the meandering river to the transport channel, from Nadodrze district’s axis to the heavily guarded border between East and West – that is, in summary, a history of the Oder River.  
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Meeting: “Odrzania”

Krakow premiere of “Odrzania” – the newest book by Zbigniew Rokita, the Nike Award laureate. Rokita describes himself as a mongrel of the Recovered Territories but calls them “Odrzania” and always writes “Recovered Territories” in quotes.  
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