The Czech edition of Photobloc

Exhibition Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks after the Krakow presentation came to the Czech Republic. Until October 16, 2020, it will be on display at the Art Museum in Olomouc.

The exhibition, which premiered at the International Cultural Center in November 2019, presents for the first time  vast panorama the most important and interesting photobooks from our part of the continent. This is the history of the 20th century seen through the lens of photographic books, which is breathtaking and intriguing.

I am very happy that the first stage of our exhibition's journey is the Art Museum in Olomouc. The institution with which the ICC has been cooperating for many years, because we share interests in the art and heritage of Central Europe, and also look at many phenomena similarly. On the other hand, the preparation and production of the exhibition would not have been possible without the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Multiannual Program NIEPODLEGŁA for the years 2017–2022 - says Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik, director of the ICC.

Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks is already the fifth ICC cultural venture prepared in cooperation with the Art Museum in Olomouc. Cooperation with this institution dates back to 2001, when the exhibition Between Tradition and Experiment  Czech art 1939–1989 from the collections of the Museum of Art in Olomouc could be seen at the ICC Gallery. In the following years the following were presented: House of an art lover. Artistic culture of Bohemia and Moravia 1870–1930 (2010) and Lord of dreams. Symbolism in the Czech lands 1880–1914 (2014). Since 2016, four partner institutions: the Art Museum in Olomouc, the City Gallery of Bratislava, the Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs and the ICC jointly implemented the international project The Birth of a Modern Central European, which culminated in the exhibition Years of Disarray. Art of the Avant-Garde in Central Europe 1908-1928, presented in all institutions between 2018–2020.
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