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09.12.2021, godz. 18:00

“Difficult comeback. Altar of Wit Stoss "

On December 9, the International Cultural Centre invites you to a meeting with Agata Wolska and Stanisław Waltoś, devoted to the history of the return of the Wit Stwosz Altar to Krakow.
10.12.2021, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The Mature for Art cycle is an offer for those who have a free morning and want to broaden their knowledge of culture and art. The meeting program includes thematic lectures by an art historian followed by a discussion.
10.12.2021, godz. 11:00

“They are ripe for art. The art of seeing - seeing contemporary Ukraine"

We invite you to the next meeting as part of the "Mature for Art" series (link: ). The lecture, which will take place on December 10, will be devoted to the exhibition "Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood".
10.12.2021, godz. 13:00

A Quarter-Hour with Art

Every Friday, we invite you to a 15-minute meeting, during which we will talk about one of the exhibits presented at the exhibition "Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood".

11.12.2021, godz. 12:00

Guided tours

It is always worth visiting the exhibition with a guide! The guide will gladly introduce you to the world of the exhibition, clarify ambiguities, expand the contexts and share interesting facts.
12.12.2021, godz. 14:00

12.12.2021, godz. 11:00

12.12.2021, godz. 12:30

MINImeetings with art

MINI meetings with art are activities organized in the historic spaces of the ICC. A series of creative and full of ideas Sunday art workshops for children aged four to ten. The art workshops focus on one concept characteristic of the current exhibition - searching for meanings for it and creating an object associated with them.
13.12.2021, godz. 12:00

16.12.2021, godz. 16:00

How to teach about heritage? Seminar for teachers

We invite all teachers to the International Cultural Centre for the seminar "Can we teach about heritage in a modern way?". Its subject is education for heritage - we want to show how, using modern tools, to build bonds among young people and engage in activities for the benefit of heritage.
19.12.2021, godz. 11:00

19.12.2021, godz. 14:00

03.01.2022, godz. 12:00

nIpPle. In the gallery with the toddler

The ICC is also a friendly place for the youngest recipients of art and their guardians. A series of monthly meetings for caregivers with children up to three years of age. An hour-long tour of the exhibition in an intimate atmosphere.
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