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07.07.2015, godz. 18:00

Thinking the Landscape

A meeting in Krakow
08.07.2015, godz. 10:00

The summer academy of architecture

A series of classes for kids
08.07.2015, godz. 18:00

Save from Catastrophy. Syrian Monuments and Military Conflict

The lecture will address the situation of objects of cultural heritage in civil war-torn Syria. In the shadow of humanitarian catastrophe and the death of several hundred thousand of victims, priceless objects of cultural heritage of various cultures perish as well...
10.07.2015, godz. 11:00

A place for a sculpture

Mature for Art. Get-together at the ICC Gallery!
12.07.2015, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art on a view terrace

An hour-long class for kids
16.07.2015, godz. 20:00

Cinema on the Roof of the ICC

Contemporary Israeli cinema
03.08.2015, godz. 12:00

ICC on a dummy

The exhibition tour for the youngest visitors and their caretakers.
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