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26.11.2015, godz. 17:00

Preservation of polychromy by Jan Henryk Rosen in the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

Lecture held by dr hab. Joanna Czernichowska and Paweł Baranowski

ICC on the XXIVth History Book Fair

03.12.2015, godz. 17:00

Poland – A country on the moon.

Lecture by Adam Zamoyski
06.12.2015, godz. 10:00

St. Nicolas Day. Open day for the exhibition

Open day for the exhibition
07.12.2015, godz. 12:00

ICC on a dummy

The exhibition tour for the youngest visitors and their caretakers.
10.12.2015, godz. 18:00

Čiurlionis’ Landscapes – between Symbolism and Abstraction

lecture by Anna Baranowa
11.12.2015, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

Get-together at the ICC Gallery!
14.12.2015, godz. 18:00

Promotion of the book Form Follows Freedom

Meeting with prof. Jacek Purchla and Janusz Sepioł
15.12.2015, godz. 18:00

Jan Henryk Rosen and the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

Lecture held by dr Joanna Wolańska
17.12.2015, godz. 18:00

Čiurlionis’ route towards musical painting

lecture by Paweł Siechowicz
20.12.2015, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

An hour-long sunday class aimed at kids aged 4-6 and held at the ICC.
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