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25.09.2016, godz. 11:00

ICC workshops at the Piknik Krakowski

Workshops for children
25.09.2016, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

An hour-long sunday class aimed at kids aged 4-6 and held at the ICC.

ICC at the Silesian Book Fair

03.10.2016, godz. 12:00

ICC on a dummy

The exhibition tour for the youngest visitors and their caretakers.
05.10.2016, godz. 14:00

A seminar for teachers Acting locally or globally – Central Europe at school

06.10.2016, godz. 18:00

Košice modernism, or about the phenomenon of place

A lecture by Natalia Żak within the cycle Art in Slovakia in the interwar period accompanying the exhibition Košice Modernism.
14.10.2016, godz. 18:00

On Slovakian literature in Poland and Polish literature in Slovakia

Discussion between Monika Kompaníková, Oriešek Patrik, Kama Margielska, and Filip Ostrowski

14.10.2016, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

Get-together at the ICC Gallery!
18.10.2016, godz. 18:00

Meeting with Marietta Chudakova

Polish‑Russian dialogue at the ICC 
20.10.2016, godz. 18:00

Undulations. About landscapes and townscapes in the works of Slovak modernists

A lecture by Dr Michał Burdziński within the cycle Art in Slovakia in the interwar period accom­panying the exhibition Košice Modernism.
23.10.2016, godz. 10:00

Sunday in Košice - an open day of the exhibition Košice Modernism

27.10.2016, godz. 18:00

Anton Jasusch and Modernism in Košice

A lecture by Zsófia Kiss‑Szemán
17.11.2016, godz. 18:00

Faraway from Košice. The cultural life of Bratislava in the 1930s

A lecture by Magdalena Bystrzak
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