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We already know the scholarship holders of the 27th edition of Thesaurus Poloniae

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On January 18, 2023 the meeting of the Recruitment Committee for the Thesaurus Poloniae scholarship program took place. The program was established by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. 4 scholarships were awarded.

The Committee received 38 applications, 25 for Senior Program (for professors and academics with a doctoral degree) and 13 for Junior Program (for PhD candidates and young academic workers). They were sent from 12 different countries: Ukraine (22), Belarus (4), USA (3), Lithuania (2), Bulgaria (1), Denmark (1), the Netherlands (1), Germany (1), Romania (1), Turkey (1), Uzbekistan (1), Hungary (1).


Scholarship holders:


  •        Dr Marekas Buika, independent researcher, Vilnius, Lithuania


Program: Senior


Theme: “Vilnius Region – Galicia: the activity of museologists and collectors in different annexed territories and contacts between them”


The aim of the project is to finish the monography of collecting in Vilnius at the turn of the 19th century. The researcher will analyse the relationships between museums and collectors in the Vilnius Region and Galicia.


  •        Dr Susannne Barth, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Department of History, Ulm, Germany


Program: Senior


Theme: “The other victims of Auschwitz: Probing into the murder of sick and unfit prisoners of Upper Silesian forced labour camps for Jews, 1941-1944”


Dr Susanne Barth will verify if the prisoners of the Schmelt organisation were indeed among the first victims of gassings in Auschwitz, as some historians contend. She will also look into relationship between the concentraction and deach camps and Schmelt.



  •        Dr Ofer Dynes, Columbia University, Leonard Kaye Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature Department of Slavic Languages, New York , USA


Program: Senior


Theme: „Castles made of sand: the feudal landscape of modern Jewish culture (1782–1861)”


Professor will dedicate his research to six thinkers, writers and intellectuals who lived in Isroelu Aksenfeldu estate. He will look at contemporary Jewish culture from a new perspective, in the context of transnational landscape of Polish manor house.

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