Opening of the exhibition

2015-06-26, 6:00 p.m.
We invite to the opening of the exhinition of Dani Karavan, an Israeli sculptor of world renown, pioneer of site-specific sculpture, author of celebrated works such as the Monument to the Negev Brigade (1963–1968) and Passage, a Homage to Walter Benjamin in Portbou (1994).

The works of the artist are site-specific, i.e. developed with the intention to be situated in a specifi c location, whether city space, open air, or gallery/museum. The exhibition will investigate and explain the works of the artist through presentation of numerous films, photographs, sketches, and models. Visitors will have an opportunity to fi nd out about outstanding projects, including the memorial of the Regensburg Jews (1997), Kikar Levana Square in Tel Aviv (1977–1988), The Way of Human Rights (1989–1993) produced in Nuremberg, and the Pool of Memory in front of Berlin’s Bundestag (2012) – the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma victims of National Socialist Regime.
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