MINIencounters with Art : LEWIATAN | live workshops

2021-01-31, 12:30 a.m.
Workbench for children
MINIencounters with Art are cyclical classes that took place in the historic rooms of the ICC before the pandemic. If you would like to come back to the idea of ​​workshops focusing on one concept related to the world around us, art, architecture and design, we invite you to take part in online meetings.

Have you ever wondered what the word leviathan means? Maybe you met him in one of the books? Or did you hear it while watching TV programs? We will explain its origins and what it has to do with design graphics and artist Ryszard Otręba. Together, we will also create an artwork referring to this mysterious-sounding name. Please visit the ICC profile on Facebook next Sunday, January 31 at 12.30. The classes will be conducted by Emilia Drabik - ICC educator

Materials needed to make an artwork: scissors, ruler, pencil, eraser, crayons / felt-tip pens, colored paper, glues: stick and vikol, as well as eye stickers.

Workshop in Polish.
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