MINIencounters with art: BLACK AND WHITE | live workshops

2020-11-22, 12:30 a.m.
MINIencounters with art are cyclical classes that took place in the historic rooms of the ICC before the pandemic. If you would like to come back to the idea of ​​workshops focusing on one concept related to the world around us, art, architecture and design, we invite you to take part in online meetings.

Black and white were the leitmotif of the virtual MINIencounters with art. It might seem that black and white objects are something unattractive in the modern world saturated with colors. However, there are many examples proving that this color combination is timeless, popular and synonymous with classics. The subject of Sunday workshops comes from the world of games, and it is chess or checkers. As part of the meeting, we created our own board for these games. Workshops was available to watch at the ICC Facebook profile, on Sunday, November 22 at 12.30.

Materials needed for workshop: a sheet of harder black paper (preferably A4), white sheets of paper (A4), scissors, glue, adhesive tape, a pencil, an object from which we will draw a medium-sized circle, a long ruler.

Photo: chessboard
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