Memory of Place

A discussion with Mirosław Bałka and Kasia Redzisz.

Mirosław Bałka, an internationally renowned artist, has created a sculpture entitled Public Space constructed from old, common doormats, worn out and well-used, especially for display in the ICC Gallery as part of the exhibition Memory. Registers and Territories.

The discussion with Mirosław Bałka will address various projects associated with memory carried out by the artist. In particular, Project Otwock will be discussed in the context of how Bałka’s hometown became the stage for artistic activity. Artists invited to the project enter a relationship with the place, creating site-specific and site responsive work, in other words assigned by the specifi c location and responsive to its character.

The main premise of the project is the ongoing dialogue with the place, its current appearance and also its history and memory. Until now there have been three editions in which participants have included Mirosław Bałka, Anna Molska, and Luc Tyumans. The curator of the project is Kasia Redzisz, an art historian associated with the Tate Modern in London.
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