Opening of an exhibition Lviv on the 24th June 1937.City, architecture, modernism

2017-11-30, 6:00 p.m.
November 30 (Thursday), 6:00 p.m.Opening of an exhibition Lviv on the 24th June 1937.City, architecture, modernism
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24 June 1937 was an ordinary day in Lviv, with a thousand events. The majority of them have been forgotten by now. Yet a glance back from today’s perspective on that and other days proves that Lviv lived and breathed modernity. The “Gazeta Lwowska” brought reports on the staging of The Lady in White at Teatr Wielki and over a dozen different films showings in cinemas. Radio Lviv broadcast Wilhelm Raort’s commentary promoting the fashion for hiking trips, and a lecture by Józefa Vogel on innovative archaeological examinations at Biskupin. As part of a seminar in mathematics at Lviv University, Dr Stanisław Ulam presented a report from a study tour to the United States (he would go and settle there in 1939 to become a leading founder of research into nuclear energy in America). Construction and design work on numerous Modernist buildings across the city was underway. The summer semester was coming to a close at the Faculty of Architecture and other departments of Lviv Polytechnic. Lots of personal memories must have been noted down in the citizens’ private calendars. For many individuals that may have been an exceptional day. But for the modern Lviv it was just a day like any other. A little more than two years later that everydayness was to exist no longer.

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