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Kraków Open Museums Day

2022-11-20, 4:00 p.m.
The Ravens House

20 November

In connection with Kraków Open Museums Day we invite you to guided tours of the Ravens House.


10 am – guide: dr Michał Wiśniewski

4 pm – guide: Marek Świdrak

The Ravens House was a witness of all the major events that have taken place right in the centre of Krakow over the ages. The windows which look into the Main Market Square and onto the Cloth Hall, representative of Renaissance architecture, and the Gothic-style Town Hall Tower, made it possible to view the Prussian Homage, the Kosciuszko Insurrection, riots, demonstrations and revolutions (from the 1848 Springtime of the Peoples to the martial law.

The International Cultural Centre is based in the Ravens House since 1991. The house itself has had a number of functions: an aristocratic palace, Krakow’s social salon, the starost’s office, a bank, the NSDAP headquarters for the General Gouvernment, and, subsequently, a Committee of the Polish Workers Party, a publishing house, a school dance, and a bookshop.

Please pre-book at warsztaty@mck.krakow.pl

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