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Kraków and the World. Interactive reportage

The phenomenon such cities in general and of Kraków in particular was the theme of a conference "Kraków and the world", held 29-31 May 2016 was organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Cultural Centre (Międzynarodowy Centrum Kultury, MCK). A city is, on the one hand, a lens which focuses the key problems of the present day, an area of confrontations of ethnic, cultural and political identity, and on the other a reflection of the achievements of civilization and collective memory. It was not by chance that Kraków was chosen as the place to debate the challenges faced by the inhabitants of modern cities. The former Polish capital, Kraków not only has a special place in the country’s history, but is also a modern, present-day metropolis, a point of reference for many cities in Central Europe.

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