Cinema on the Roof of the ICC

2015-09-10, 8:00 p.m.
September 10, 2015 (Thursday), 8 p.m.
Free entry, booking required

Selection of films and introductory comments: Maciej Stroiński — PhD in arts, lecturer at the Jagiellonian University (MISH and IPHSS), theatre blogger, author of the project

September 10, 8 p.m.
“The Jellyfish” (2007)

Booking required – click here

July 2, 8 p.m.
“Eyes Wide Open” (2009) – Aaron runs a meat shop in a district inhabited by ultra-orthodox Jews. Together with his wife and four sons they live a peaceful, devout life. A disturbance comes with an appearance of a lost soul – Ezri, a student who evokes in Aaron forbidden emotions. The director explores the moral limits of his own religion through a careful, mature investigation. He skilfully captures the dual nature of life in a small community, where no such thing as free will exists. People do take others into account, yet their goodness is never disinterested. The director created a universal, reserved, masterly portrait of hidden tensions present in every community. (filmweb)

July 16, 8 p.m.
“The Human Resources Manager” (2010) – A selfish, jaded, emotionless and self-centred forty-year-old man works as a human resources manager in one of the largest bakeries in Jerusalem. One day, his unscathed professional reputation is put to the test. A suicide bomber attack on the bakery kills one of its employees – Julia, a Romanian woman. The bakery is accused by the media of non-human and cold attitude towards foreigners it employs. The manager is given the task of mitigating the scandal. He needs to restore the good name of the company and dispel the accusations. The human resources manager is sent on a journey – a mission to escort the coffin with Julia’s body to her home in Romania. The journey works like a therapy, making the man rediscover his feelings. He is being helped by eccentric companions: the Israeli consul and her husband, a troublesome reporter, and Julia’s rebellious adolescent son. They teach the protagonist humility and make him reconsider the selfish life style he had been living. (filmweb)

July 30, 8 p.m.
“Big Bad Wolves” (2013) – The story was written by the Israeli police. A small, quiet town is shaken by a series of cruel murders. A shy teacher is under suspicion, yet there are no sufficient proofs to support the claim. One of the policemen decides to take justice in his own hands. His plan is not complex: eye for an eye, head for a head, death for death. Unexpectedly, he is stopped by the father of one of the victims. Overcome with the desire for revenge, he has his own plan. Suddenly, it is no longer clear who is the murderer, who the victim, and who the vigilante. (filmweb)

August 13, 8 p.m.
“The Band's Visit” (2007) – an original and humorously told story of an Egyptian orchestra that is lost in Israel. The band was supposed to play at a ceremonial opening of a cultural centre. Unfortunately, no one came to receive them at the airport, so they attempt to find their own way… The film, reminiscent of Emir Kusturica’s pictures, is a lively and warm story of the joy of life, breaking the barriers, and most of all about the victory of friendship over prejudice. All this in the rhythm of unstoppable oriental music. (filmweb)


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