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Meeting: “On the side of memory”

2022-11-21, 6:00 p.m.
Graphic with a photograph by Oksana Zabuzhko and the name of the event.

21.11.2022, 18:00


Oksana Zabużko's work is a brilliant attempt to build bridges between nations and cultures. It is a universal worldview expressed with passionate diction, standing for the truth. It is a search for dialogue, but also opposition to politics and history, their simplifications, appropriations, and distortions.


Zabużko's work stems from a deep faith in the saving power of culture, which can overcome oblivion. In her writing, we can view ourselves as in a mirror. It brings to light many problems that we consider to be fundamentally common and gives us the keys to a better understanding of them. Her effort to establish an intercultural dialogue is reminiscent of the activity of Stanisław Vincenz, the patron of the award granted by the Krakow City Council. This year Oksana Zabużko is the laureate of this award.


The Stanisław Vincenz Krakow City Council Award will be officially presented in Krakow during the 7th Open Eyes Economy Summit Congress. We invited you to a meeting: Łukasz Galusek and Katarzyna Kotyńska talked to Oksana Zabużko.



Oksana Zabużko



Łukasz Galusek

Katarzyna Kotyńska



The International Cultural Centre, “The Ravens” Hall


The meeting was interpreted into Polish Sign Language and streamed on the ICC FB page.


Biographica notes:

Katarzyna Kotyńska – professor at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian studies scholar. Translator of the work of Yuri Andrukhovych, Mykola Ryabchuk, Oksana Zabużko, Sofia Andrukhovych, Wiktoria Amelina, and Wiktor Domontowycz. Laureate of the Angelus Central European Literature Award (2013, for the translation of Oksana Zabużko's book "Muzeum porzuconych sekretów"). Recently, she published "Lwów: o odczytywaniu miasta na nowo" (2015).


Łukasz Galusek – programme director of the International Cultural Centre in Krakow. An expert in the field of Central European culture and art, he focuses on the relationship between space, memory, and identity. He is the author of over 150 publications on the cultural heritage of Central Europe, as well as the issues of memory and cultural education.


Oksana Zabużko – Ukrainian writer, poet and essayist; doctor of philosophy. She taught Ukrainian philology at universities in the USA. She lives in Kiev. The most famous among her novels was „Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”  ["Field Research on Ukrainian Sex"] (1996), translated into Czech, French, German, Polish, and Hungarian. In February 2022, Agora published a collection of essays entitled "Planeta Piołun" (translated by K. Kotyńska, A. Łazar, J. Majewska).

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