Meeting with Marietta Chudakova

2016-10-18, 6:00 p.m.
18.10 (Tuesday), 18.00    
Polish‑Russian dialogue at the ICC – a meeting with Marietta Chudakova.

Marietta Chudakova – literary theorist, science‑fiction writer and author of 
books for children. She has written more than 200 scholarly works and arti­cles on 20th‑century history. She is particularly interested in Russian literature of the Soviet times (especially in the works of Bulgakov, Zoshchenko and Zamy­atin), poetics, the history of Russian philology, archives and textual studies. She wrote the first scholarly biography of Bulgakov and she is President of the Bul­gakov Foundation. Her first science‑fiction work was the 1969 short story Ubiytsa, opening the cycle on the adventures of inspector Kraft. In the Soviet times Marietta Chudakova was a dissident and after the breakup of the Soviet Union she took an active part in political life, supporting Boris Yeltsin. When Vladimir Putin came to power, she joined the democratic opposition in Russia.

Admission is free, a meeting in Russian with simultaneous translation into Polish. 

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