Museum diplomacy in the digital age

A new exciting addition to the collection of the ICC Library comes with Natalia Grincheva’s Museum diplomacy in the digital age, another volume within the frameworks of the „Museum Meanings” series edited by Richard Sandell and Christina Kreps, published since 1998 by Routlege Taylor & Francis Group. The series is dedicated to the changes in the philosophy of thinking about museums and museology, and explores, in an interdisciplinary perspective, various aspects of social, cultural and political life in its interaction with the broadly understood museum, as well as the changing relations of this institution with the public.

By researching museums using new computational methods, Natalia Grincheva has been analysing the role that contemporary museums play both in the sphere of economics and in shaping the so-called soft skills. Her latest book, Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age, deals with the current issue of museum diplomacy in confrontation with the increasing impact of virtual reality on our lives and progressing globalisation.

Dr Natalia Grincheva is an expert in the field of innovative forms and global trends in contemporary museology as well as digital diplomacy and international cultural relations. She has been a Research Fellow with the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group and at the University of Melbourne. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Media at the National Research University ‘Higher School of Economics” in Moscow. Her previous book, Global Trends in Museum Diplomacy, was released in 2019.
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