The Power of Heritage. Socio-Economic Examples from Central Europe

The Power of Heritage. Socio-Economic Examples from Central Europe

Edited by Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga and Katarzyna Jagodzińska
Date of issue: 2017
Pages: 264

ISBN 978-83-63463-66-3
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What is the social value of cultural heritage? Is it important economically? Is it worth investing in or subsidising cultural heritage projects? Can heritage really be called a strategic resource for the 21st century?

The authors of the articles in this, the first publication to examine the impact of cultural heritage on its socio-economic environment in Central Europe, seek answers to these very questions. The book features a cross-sectional analysis of the theoretical potential of heritage, along with nine case studies. The subjects of these studies are historic sites (historic city centres, castles, manorial complexes, a factory, a mill, a barracks, and a parish hall) in Belarus, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia, as well as one example of intangible heritage – classical music festivals staged in Czechia. Some of them are presentations of exemplary projects by local authorities or private investors in the field of leveraging heritage for local development, but there are also negative examples showing wasted opportunities.

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Language of publication: English

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