Max Ernst. An Ornithologist’s Dreams

collective work
Date of issue: 2016
Volume: 240 x 275 mm,
Cover: hardback
Pages: 232, 120 obrazów, rysunków i zdjęć czarno białych i kolorowych,

ISBN 978-83-63463-55-7
79.00 PLN
30.00 PLN
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The book takes a look at the works of Max Ernst through his deep conviction of his avian origin and the use of the bird figure as an alter ego of the artist. 

His fascination with birds will serve as an excuse to show the extraordinary creativity of the artist in experimenting with new artistic techniques and the role of Ernst in inspiring important trends in 20th-century art, such as Dadaism, Surrealism, allusive Abstraction. The album not only showcases the rich oeuvre of Ernst (engravings, paintings, publications and sculptures), but also profiles – through documentary photographs, letters and texts – his extraordinary personality and turbulent biography.

Polish-English-German version.

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