The dissonant heritage of the Third Reich in Poland

The heritage of the Third Reich still remains a dissonant heritage. The Nazi Germany’s plans for conquest and Hitler’s extermination policy, which in Poland were directly linked with the occupant’s urban visions, were decisive in formulating a categorical assessment of the entire architectonic production of the Third Reich as the “heritage of hate”. However, this attitude should not translate into this subject matter being marginalised or ignored by scholars of 20th-century art in Poland. For understandable reasons, Polish researchers have for many years either entirely avoided or barely remarked on the problem of dissonant heritage. After many years, when emotions gradually cooled down, it has become possible to undertake thorough research on the heritage of the Third Reich. Moreover, this topic requires comprehensive investigations, critical analysis, and assessment.

The discussion about the heritage of the Third Reich in the form of exchange of experiences between German and Polish researchers will attempt to find an answer to the question about contemporary approach to dissonant heritage and its interpretation. Conference debates will address demolition and transformations of architecture, as well as visions, urban and infrastructure plans, architecture designs and their realisations. The conference will investigate the scale of the heritage of German totalitarianism, as well as the problem of the approach to the research on dissonant heritage in Germany and in Poland in an attempt to evaluate broadly understood heritage of the Third Reich in both countries. Moreover, the role of the conference will be to present the state of research on architecture and urban planning of the Third Reich in Germany and Poland and to define a perspective, goal and need for Polish-German cooperation in this field.

The conference will be held in both, Polish and German.
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Partner: Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich

With financial support of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

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