HERITO, No. 16: A Century On from the Great War

HERITO, No. 16: A Century On from the Great War

Is the memory of the First World War alive in Central Europe? How is it remembered and by who? Why is it displaced into oblivion? What can the significance of a war that took place 100 years ago for contemporary Central Europeans be? These are the questions considered by Andrzej Chwalba, Jacek Purchla, Robert Traba, Łukasz Galusek, Claudio Magris, Maciej Górny, Ivan Čolović, Maciej Czerwiński, Krisztián Ungváry, Pavel Kosatík, Lucian Boia, Małgorzata Radkiewicz and Beata K. Nykiel.

Paola De Pietri discusses in a photographic essay the memory and non-memory of the blood-drenched landscape of the theatre of war.

Galina Pawłowa, Béla Rásky, Szymon Piotr Kubiak, Peter Michalík, Mykoła Riabczuk, Andrij Lubka, Tomasz Wiśniewski and Magdalena Link-Lenczowska recommend important books, exhibitions, and cultural events.

Jacek Purchla, Mykoła Riabczuk, Martin Pollack and Janusz Sepioł consider the phenomenon of Galicia and the power of its myth.

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