Towards a new multiculturalism

Towards a new multiculturalism

collective work, Robert Kusek, Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga (ed.)
Date of issue: 2010
Volume: 20 × 22 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 256

ISBN 978-83-89273-75-8
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The aim of this book is to portray contemporary Poland seen from the perspective of today’s “Others”. The result is a story about those whose (in)visibility determines the dialogue between cultures in Poland. This book invites readers to join the debate on what it means to be open to multiculturalism, and what it means to be Polish today. Reading this book can also be seen as an exercise in tolerance, a way of preparing oneself for functioning in a world that is diverse in terms of ethnicity, religion, ideology and identity.

In the Anna Lindh Foundation’s latest publication Selim Chazbijewicz proffers his observations on the Polish Commonwealth, Jerzy Jedlicki considers the specificity of Polish anti-Semitism, while Anna Frątczak examines Poles’ attitudes to sexual minorities. Moreover, Czesław Robotycki analyses the situation of ethnic and national minorities, Joanna Talewicz-Kwiatkowska reports on the condition of the Roma, Stanisław Obirek traces the relation between multiculturalism and religious attitudes, while Tomasz Stefaniuk describes the world of Islam in Poland. Leszek Szaruga reflects on the presence of the Other in Polish 20th- and 21st-century literature, while Grzegorz Bińczycki presents manifestations of multiculturalism and Otherness in contemporary culture as exemplified by the lyrics of Katarzyna Nosowska. The book also contains presentations of the most interesting undertakings or organisations devoted to furthering intercultural dialogue in Poland: the “Borderland of Arts, Cultures, Nations” Centre in Sejny, the “I am Polish” Campaign, and two initiatives from Wrocław: The Four Faiths Quarter of Mutual Respect Foundation, and Brave Festival.

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