Culture in Dialogue. 1001 Actions for Dialogue Campaign

Culture in Dialogue. 1001 Actions for Dialogue Campaign

collective work, Robert Kusek, Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga (ed.)
Date of issue: 2008
Volume: 20 x 22 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 184

ISBN 978-83-89273-60-4
32.00 PLN
27.00 PLN
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The book is an attempt to sum up the 1001 Actions for Dialogue Campaign and, at the same time, an appeal to the public to rethink their negative attitudes to tolerance and dialogue.

Concern for the Other, the position of otherness in public discourse, and multiculturalism recognized as one of the most relevant and burning issues of today are just a few of the problems that the book addresses.The publication opens with an interview with Andreu Claret, the Foundation’s CEO, who presents the Foundation, its objectives and mission. Further on, one will find articles by Czesław Robotycki and Krzysztof Czyżewski, presenting the Polish outlook on intercultural dialogue. Also, the book includes essays, articles and reports documenting and commenting on the selected events of the campaign and the debate Poland for Dialogue.

The book is rounded out by a calendar of all the projects implemented under the banner of 1001 Actions for Dialogue along with statements by their organizers.Essays, interviews articles and reports in Culture in Dialogue presnt the world in the 21st century as a place where a call for tolerance remains unanswered. That call is a challenge that is not only worth shouldering but which should also be confronted by each and every one of us.

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