Krakow and Saint Petersburg (Russian version)

Krakow and Saint Petersburg (Russian version)

Collective work, Jacek Purchla (ed.)
Date of issue: 2009
Volume: 25 x 17,5 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 216

ISBN 978-83-89273-68-0
39.00 PLN
5.00 PLN
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Capitality is a special case of the multifaceted relationships between a city and politics. The process of a capital city being born and built has been an immanent part of the history of states and nations for centuries; at the same time the history of states and nations leaves its imprint on the shape and atmosphere of capital cities.

Despite the difference of scale and character, the heritages of capitality of Krakow and Sankt Petersburg illustrate perfectly the complex syndrome of “fallen capitals”. This book is an attempt to answer the question of whether the royal Krakow and the tsarist Petersburg are now objects of nostalgia and complexes or rather of unrest and aspiration, where the heritages of capitality offer remarkable potential for expansion.

Russian version
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