Understanding Kyiv

Kyiv, a symbolic city and the mother of Ruthenian townships, becomes a pretext for talking about the history of Kievan Rus’.

Katarzyna Kotyńska and Tomasz Hodana tell us why it is so difficult for us to understand that the word "Ruthenian" does not mean "Russian", which can be seen, for example, in the media battle for Russian (Ruthenian) dumplings. Researchers also talk about the drama of Ukrainians, stripped of their historic name by the Russians, and about how the Russians use linguistic and historical complexities for aggressive propaganda. Long before Moscow was built, Kyiv was already a large global metropolis, in touch with the rest of Europe. Building a democratic society by Ukrainians is not an unnatural carbon copy of the Western world, as Russian propaganda proclaims, but a return to European roots and the heritage of which Ukraine is a part.

The episode was recorded after the closing of the exhibition "Ukraine. A Different Angle on Neighbourhood ", as an extension of the podcast “To Ukraine in 20 minutes”. It is also a commentary on the current situation in war-torn Ukraine.


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