Plants and Animals. Graphic Representations of Flora and Fauna in the Linnaeus Era

Plants and Animals. Graphic Representations of Flora and Fauna in the Linnaeus Era

Exhibition from March 25th until May 31st, 2020

The exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of perfectly preserved, delightful colors, graphic images of animals and plants from the collections of old prints PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences) and PAU (Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences), arranged in readable and understandable sections. The selection of works touches modern contexts: ecology, a return to attentive interest in nature, healthy nutrition and diets, or generally slow-life trends.

The presentation is interdisciplinary: starting from the history of art, it also provides cognitive and educational values, to which it is addressed to a very wide audience - from traditional art gallery visitors, through nature enthusiasts, to professional naturalists and people with ecological awareness.

Although the basic purpose of the presented works was scientific use, nevertheless the high artistic quality of the graphics, the craftsmanship of engravers and printers as well as the extraordinary precision of execution, as well as the aesthetic stylization speak for recognition as autonomous works of art. It is remarkable that also at the time of their publication, they were collected by recipients not related to the scientific community - becoming in rich homes the equivalent of "Taschenian" coffee table books and exclusive magazines. Such items, invariably for centuries and together for all people, are a manifestation of curiosity and the unmet need to be saturated with images.
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