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Zsolnay. Hungarian Art Noveau

Date of issue: 2017
Volume: 24 x 28 cm
Cover: hardback
Pages: 336

ISBN: 978-83-63463-65-6 publication unavailable

Zsolnay family factory represents something more than the high quality crafts and design. Around 1900, products bearing this brand name could successfully compete against those made by Tiffany’s or Gallé. Ceramics made in Pécs were well received by the Emperor Franz Josef himself, and found eager customers both in Austria-Hungary, as well as in France, England, and the United States. Until this very day, Zsolnay is considered an important component of the Hungarian national pride.

“Zsolnay. Hungarian Art Nouveau” catalogue presents the richness, diversity, and artistic quality of arts and crafts of the Pannonian Basin in this period. The catalogue features over 150 coloured photographs showing the most interesting projects developed at the famous Pécs factory, representing its heyday. It includes reproductions of richly decorated Art Nouveau vases, coffee sets with floral motifs, designs of flower-decorated dessert sets or avant-garde chandeliers, as well as archive projects of the most famous series manufactured by Zsolnay, which adorned countless middle class salons of this part of Europe.

One of the chapters in the catalogue is dedicated to ceramic decorations for architecture, which was an important part of the factory’s manufactured products since its very beginning. Details produced in Pécs adorned interiors, facades, and roofs of numerous edifices across Austria-Hungary. Arranged in colourful patterns, the tiles invested decorated buildings with a specific character. Zsolnay ceramics played an important role for Art Nouveau architecture – in particular, the works of Ödön Lechner – referred to as the “Hungarian Gaudí”.


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