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The Myth of Galicia (Polish version)

collective work, prof. Jacek Purchla, dr Wolfgang Kos, dr Żanna Komar, dr Monika Rydiger, dr Werner Michael Schwarz (ed.)
Date of issue: 2014
Volume: 27,5 x 24 cm
Pages: 468

ISBN 978-83-63463-18-2 publication unavailable
Galicia – a mythical land? A brand that can sell anything? Everyone has a different image of Galicia. At present, it is especially important in Ukraine, where it has become a tool used in political struggles. The album accompnies the exhibition opening on October 10 at the International Cultural Centre in Krakow which confronts existing myths with historical facts and with the perspective of nations entangled in this history.

Galicia no longer exists. It disappeared from the map of Europe in 1918 together with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, whose province it had been. Yet, it still lives in the collective imagination and memory of the present inhabitants of the region. It is an imagined space, with which they have an emotional and psychological bond. The myth of Galicia still shapes their identity. The Krakow exhibition seeks to answer the question about the source and contemporary condition of the myth, trying to find out why literature, visual arts, and film still refer to it, while Galicia itself is used as an attractive brand.
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