The Historical Metropolis. A Hidden Potential publication unavailable

The Historical Metropolis. A Hidden Potential

Collective work, Jacek Purchla (ed.)
Date of issue: 1996
Volume: 25 x 17,5 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 256

ISBN 83-85739-35-1 publication unavailable
This volume – containing the texts of papers given at an international conference organised in May 1996 – presents an interdisciplinary definition of the historical metropolis, showing the geographical, historical, sociological, economic and artistic factors that have shaped Central European urban centres throughout history, using the examples of Budapest, Zagreb, Prague, Bergen, Rome, Munich, Nuremberg, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krakow and Czerniowce. Such a broad context makes it possible to see and understand the phenomenon of the historical metropolis, the current state of cultural heritage and its potential rolein forming urban space.

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