Memory, choice, identity. Essays on the city. publication unavailable

Memory, choice, identity. Essays on the city.

collective work
Date of issue: 2016
Volume: 17,5 × 21 cm
Cover: hardback
Pages: 294

ISBN 978-83-63463-53-3 publication unavailable

The volume Memory, choice, identity: Essays on the city contains twelve papers dedicated to the phenomenon of the city which have been collected in honour of Professor Jacek Purchla by his colleagues from the International Cultural Centre.

A great variety of issues, methodologies and disciplines which are addressed by the volume’s contributors mirrors a wide range of interests that characterise Professor Purchla’s academic activity. What the papers included in the volume have in common is their shared approach to the city understood as a complex organism that results from the fusion of social, economic, political, and cultural processes. A multidisciplinary and diverse character of individual papers, as well as the entire volume, should be seen as an homage to Professor Purchla who has re-defined and created a new mode of inquiry and research within urban studies.


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