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La force de l`imaginaire. Bruxelles et le Symbolisme

Collective work
Date of issue: 2000
Volume: 29,5 × 23 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 88

ISBN 83-85739-70-X publication unavailable
The catalogue presents the artistic output of the most eminent Belgian symbolists: F. Khnopff, F. Rops, X. Mellery, E. Berchmans, J. Delville, A. Rassenfosse, E. Fabry, A. Ciamberlani, W. Degouve de Nuncques, C. Montald, L. Frédéric, E. Laermans. Transitory moments, the mystery of time, melancholy, perversity, erotica and death are the favoutite motives and subject of the paintings. A number of plates in colour are preceded by an essay by E. Clémens describing the origin and assumptions of symbolism, as well as the atmosphere of Brussels – one of the main centres of this trend, and biographical notes of the artists by C. Croës.

Polish-French version
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