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Jože Plečnik. Architect and visionary

Łukasz Galusek, Monika Rydiger (opr.)
Date of issue: 2006
Volume: 27,5 x 24 cm
Cover: hardback
Pages: 352

ISBN 83-89273-41-I publication unavailable
The first extensive Polish publication on the work of this distinguished Slovene architect and urban planner, dubbed the Slavic Gaudí. His perfect designs were decisive in creating the exceptional beauty and atmosphere of three Central European capitals: Ljubljana, Prague and Vienna. These cities marked the stages of the artist's artistic career path, which is reflected in the structure of the album. The last part of it is devoted to the architect's religious designs, which form a distinct, highly original chapter of his creative work. Inside the album the reader will find essays by experts on Plečnik's oeuvre and Central European architecture:

Peter Krečič (Ljubljana), Jacek Purchla (Krakow) and Friedrich Achleitner (Vienna), as well as an exhaustive presentation of the architect's works, written by Łukasz Galusek and Monika Rydiger. A stunning addition are photographs by Damjan Prelovąek and Paweł Mazur, as well as sketches, drawings and designs reproduced courtesy of the Museum of Architecture in Ljubljana.

Polish-English version
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