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James Ensor 1860-1949. Prints and paintings

Collective work
Date of issue: 2002
Volume: 29,5 × 23 cm,
Cover: paperback
Pages: 204

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Ensor, the trailblazer of symbolism and expressionism, one of the most eminent artists of the turn of the 19th century, had the reputation of a scandalist and a provocateur. His works shocked and intrigued both the critics and the public. Today, when his art has finally been appreciated, he is listed on a par with the greats such as Gauguin or Van Gogh, and his output is seen as a key to the art of the 20th century.

Printing as an instrument of artistic expression was for Ensor equal to painting. Formally, his graphic oeuvre is often compared to that of Rembrandt and at times Dürer, while in terms of iconography he sometimes appears akin to Breughel and Bosch. He attained undeniable mastery in etching and the drypoint technique, and his diversity and virtuosity of style remain impressive today. The catalogue contains reproductions of five canvases by Ensor and over a hundred prints with notes by Herwig Todts. The catalogue part is accompanied by in?depth essays by Marcel van Jole and L. Schoonbaert, in which the most characteristic motifs in Ensor's works are interpreted. With an introduction by Jacek Purchla.

Polish-English version
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