HERITO, No. 24: Pattering. Design in Central Europe publication unavailable

HERITO, No. 24: Pattering. Design in Central Europe

Date of issue: 2016
Volume: 23,5 × 29 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 272

ISSN 2082-310X publication unavailable

Is design today merely an illusion? What is the link between responsible design and current political, economic, and social situation? If for many years Scandinavia has been the byword for simplicity and functionality, what could have been Poland’s – or East-Central Europe’s – contribution to design at large?

These questions are addressed by authors of the recent issue of “Herito” quarterly, whose central theme is Central European design. Topographical lexicon of pre-war design in Central Europe is sketched by Czesława Frejlich, Gyula Ernyey, Tatiana Pawłowa, Żanna Komar, Tetiana Rudenko, Peter Szalay, Zuzana Michalovičová, Zuzana Šidlíková, Maroš Schmidt, Adriena Pekárová, and Mirela Duculescu.

Potential originality of mass production within socialist states in investigated by Koraljka Vlajo, Irfan Hošić, and Tom Cubbin; Ukrainian music posters are examined by Wasyl Kosiw; the influence of folklore on Polish design is traced by Ewa Klekot and Piotr Korduba; spectres of political transition in design are conjured by Olga Drenda, while the future of design is forecast by Zuzanna Skalska. 

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